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About S&R Engineering

Race is our Life

Supported by principal distribution company "S&R Automotive Consultants"

With a strong Racing background knowledge of motorcycle, "S&R Engineering"seeks to provide the motorcyclist with the widest range of products.

We offer only the product that can be called a real world performance product.

We offer you a high-quality craftsman products by two Japanese inventors

Racing Service: All of setup & Tuning at Race Day & Practice Day for Car and Motorcycle.

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January 01,2008     Used Racing kit parts for HONDA CBR1000RR 04-07 model is coming soon !!!please wait few days    More...

December 19,2007

HONDA 2008 CBR1000RR Race Base

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Ignition Amplifier System & Fuel Pump Amplifier System

Call  "I-VAC" Intelligent Voltage Amp Controller

Racing use for car and motorcycle

We recommend to use "I-VAC" & "I-Drive" together. It become most Excellent ignition system in world.

S&R Engineering has developed ultra extremely fast voltage and amp feedback control system. This S&R Engineering "Nano Feedback Control System" are achievement to controlled speed by nano second. about more I-VAC


A lot of Thank you for your Support!!!!

We sold Ignition Coil Booster Over 1000 units by 6 month only in Singapore!!

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Ignition Driver (Ignition Coil Booster)

Racing use for car and motorcycle


We found imitation products of our I-Drive from Singapore. Please be careful with imitation products.

Our word of the year


"2007" The opening of "Year of advancement and victory"



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